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Outdoor gas circuit breaker

24kV…40.5kV, 630A…2500A…3150A

RHB medium voltage circuit-breakers for outdoor installation use sulphur hexafluoride gas (SF6) to extinguish the electric arc and as the insulating medium.
Breaking in SF6 gas takes place without current chopping or generation of overvoltages.
These characteristics guarantee a long electrical life for the circuit-breaker and limited dynamic, di-electric and thermal stresses on the installation.
The GSH type of stored energy and free release mechanical operating mechanism allows opening and closing operations through local and remote control.
The operating mechanism, the activating kinematics of the moving contacts and the anti-condensation heater are located inside a tight metal enclosure which also acts as the support for the poles.
The above-mentioned structure is supported by a frame made of telescopic metal sections which allow the height of the circuit-breaker terminal to be adapted from 2800 mm to 3700 mm.
The metal enclosure has IP 54 degree of protection and is fitted with a tight door with an inspection window.
The circuit-breaker is compact and ensures a high level of sturdiness and excellent mechanical reliability.
The enclosure is made out of a steel plate with adequate surface protection by a special metalising and painting process. The support structures are hot dip galvanised.