Transformer substation solutions 

Rockwill provides with modular solutions for purpose of Quick build substations with different section combination cells and unit components: 

Complete Modular container type substation, Outdoor combined switchgear, Modular combined metering unit, power transformer unit, CT/PT combined unit, 

Lightning arrester unit, Disconnector switch unit, SF6 gas circuit breaker, Vacuum circuit breaker, Control & relay panel,  Other accessories,....


A demand of emergency power supply solution is for power shortage of a accident or any unexpecting crisis. 

Apart from emergency power generation solutions, there is a quick connection or transformation solutions we offer like: 

portable substation, mobile substation, portable switchgear.

Emergency power solutions  

Terminal power supply solutions 

Terminal power supply solution is comprising of Last mile line works which is from distribution transformer site to enduser door site.

Works and materials comprising of package compact substation unit, pole mounted distribution transformers,

Low voltage distribution cabinet, switchboard, metering unit, etc...


Distribution line solutions 


A power distribution line solutions is comprising of package pole mounted distribution transformer combination unit, 

package pole mounted switchgear, components like: auto recloser, load break switch, sectionalizer, drop fuse cutout, bypass switch, disconector switch, insulator, 

surge arrester, acsr, cable, fittings, ect....

Smart grid solutions 

A future advanced smart power electrical equipment like: smart transformer,  Indoor / outdoor switchgear, metering unit, monitoring unit,..... with communication functions base on 2G/3G/4G/5G by a APP management software or SCADA system.


Power quality solutions 

Main materials of power quality solutions is comprising of Line Step Voltage Regulator, Power factor correction, Voltage stablizer, Line Reactor, Reactive power static var compensator, Power management system,etc......


Transmission line solutions 

All the materials from 33kV up to 1200kV for transmission line system solution.


Power generation solutions 

Whole solution for ON/OFF grid + Various solution for different fuel power generation solutions like: HFO,Diesel oil,Natural gas, Biomass, etc.....